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Getting a manufacturing loan can be hard when you’re working with a lender who doesn’t understand your business. Here at United Community Bank, we’re proud to have a team of small business lending specialists dedicated to manufacturers. Our experts understand the complexities of both corporate banking and manufacturing, which allows us to develop the best possible financing solutions for your company’s needs.

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When you choose to obtain financing for your manufacturing business through United, you’ll always get personal service from our team. We’ve helped many different manufacturers secure capital, so we know that the right financing solution can change depending on the product you make or the size of your operations.

If you need to purchase equipment or other items that increase productivity, you’ll often need them as soon as possible. United Community Bank is a Preferred SBA lender, so we’re able to close manufacturing loans quickly—meaning you have access to your funds, fast.

If you’re ready to move your business forward, reach out to a small business lending expert today!

  • Use manufacturing loans for real estate and equipment purchases, debt refinancing, business acquisition and working capital.
  • Specific programs for companies planning to increase export activity
  • Our Preferred SBA Lender status allows us to close loans quickly
The following is the transcript for the video below. Chad Odom: I’ve been in what we call industrial packaging business for gosh probably over 25 years now. We were manufacturing a couple hundred thousand drums a year and probably washing about as many as well. So at that point we decided we needed to expand our product line and to do that, the most logical step was to manufacture our own tote bottle. I knew what we needed when it came time to purchase a blow molder large enough. These machines are two stories tall, a hundred feet long and multiple pieces to it. We were able to find the perfect machine. The problem was it was in Italy. So we took money out of our own pocket, personally and through the company and started putting down payments, paying equipment movers, sending my people over to Italy to supervise the deconstruction and the crating of the machine. It was quite an undertaking. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. Our backs were against the wall where needed a next level of funding to help us get to the finish line. Michelle Seaver: Greenville is a great place to work and to live. There is a very strong entrepreneurial spirit here. Chad is a great example. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to work harder for him to help him achieve his goals. Chad Odom: A lot of banks wanted our business. And most of them were waiting until we were up and operational and really see if we were able to do it, but United Community Bank came in and understood what we were trying to do and wanted to be our partner from the very beginning and they made things happen very quickly. Michelle Seaver: We at the local bank know Chad and know his company. We knew that he had a unique need and so we brought in our amazing team of SBA specialists who really understand the needs of manufacturing companies. Rich Bradshaw: We really are a community bank at heart and we really are the bank that service built. We do have many products that are specifically designed for small business and that really is a big focus of the bank. Michelle Seaver: Chad’s a big thinker. He knew exactly what he needed and he needed a bank to be his partner and to tailor a solution to fit his need. Chad Odom: I’ve been doing this a long time and to be successful you have to have a good partner and that’s exactly what United Community Bank is.

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