Small-Business Planning

United Community Bank provides solutions you need as a small-business owner to help your business get off the ground and thrive financially.

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Starting a Business

You've determined that entrepreneurship is for you and you're ready to take some next critical steps for your business. Before you go much further, it's important to create a reliable support system of mentors who will guide you through the many decisions you will need to make, especially in these early stages of your business. Your mentors should be experienced, successful and willing to share advice and guidance to help your business succeed. 

Creating Your Business Plan  

Your business plan is a document that's vital to your growth and ability to secure any necessary loans. Specifically, the executive summary of your business plan is considered the most important. This is where you describe your company's mission and provide specific information about its history, employees and location. Outlining your company's financial growth with graphs and charts will provide important information to potential investors and lenders. Additionally, you'll want to include explanations about the products and services you offer while outlining any relevant financial information along with a summary of your future plans. All of this information should be condensed into a single page that is easy to review. 

If your company is a startup or relatively new, you won't have the same amount of information as an established entity. Therefore, your executive summary should include details about your experience and background, as well as any detailed business information you can provide that applies to an established company. 

Financing Your Small Business 

Your small business needs a financing plan. You can bank with confidence knowing United Community Bank is a Small Business Administration (SBA) Approved Lender. Whether outlining your current or future funding requirements for a loan or charting how you will be using the funds for working capital, debt payments or acquisition, we are here to help. 

United Community Bank is ready to help you succeed and can offer you guidance when you need it. We offer multiple business checking accounts for daily money management. Additionally, our various Business Services enable your company to streamline accounts payable and receivables.