Accounts Payable Services

At United Community Bank, we make it easy to manage your daily business finances with services that save you time and keep you moving. Our array of Accounts Payable Services provide convenient access to your money and deliver comprehensive solutions.

ACH Origination

Our ACH services enable you to electronically pay employees and vendors while managing your company's transactions more efficiently.

Business Debit Cards

Our MasterMoney Easy Savings® debit card provides on-the-go access to your money while delivering multiple money-saving benefits backed by the Mastercard® brand

Direct Deposit

Automate your processes and make direct deposits to individual checking or savings accounts at other financial institutions.

Payroll Services

We partner with Heartland Ovation, Inc., based in Alpharetta, Ga., to provide hassle-free payroll solutions that come with special discounts for you.

Purchasing Card

Increase your efficiency and control of corporate spending with our One Card payment solution. This charge card program enables you to manage purchasing and travel transactions with one process, as well as decrease costs associated with the processing of checks, invoices, purchase orders and more.

Tax Payments

You can submit your state and federal tax payments online quickly and securely by accessing Business Online Banking.

Wire Transfers

Cost-effective wire transfers allow you to move money to and from your United Community Bank account through online banking.

Zero Balance Accounting

Link your company's bank accounts using this transfer system. Once your daily banking transactions have posted, we'll net the balance of each subsidiary account to the main account.