Accounts Receivable Services

At United Community Bank, we offer a variety of Accounts Receivable Services to save you valuable time by streamlining collections and deposits. These cash management services offer quick and secure functionality that matches the pace of your day. You'll appreciate the convenience we deliver so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

ACH Origination

Use ACH to collect payments from customers or concentrate cash between multiple bank accounts.

Healthcare Remittance

Our Healthcare Remittance service helps streamline the claims process and payments system. Used in conjunction with our Lockbox Service, it increases accuracy and efficiency, reduces costs, improves collections and helps eliminate write-offs.

Lockbox Services

Secure Lockbox solutions help safeguard your transactions and information while providing an efficient payment collection and deposit process.

Merchant Card Services

Our services allow you to receive payments from credit and debit cards so you can provide the payment flexibility your customers expect.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks without leaving work by using a desktop scanner to capture images of your check and then deposit money securely into your account.


Streamline your deposit process by using SmartSafe to manage your cash capture onsite at your business location. Deposit cash into your UCBI safe and receive account credit on the same business day.