A faster, more secure way to pay

Every month our bills pile up, and every month we rush to pay them before the due date while grumbling about the time we spend on this chore. 

Paying bills is unavoidable, but there’s a better process using Online Bill Pay. 

All you have to do is access Online Banking with your username and password, and then start adding the names of companies whose services you pay for every month, whether they’re utilities, credit cards, a mortgage, insurance or anything else. It’s a safer and easier way to pay your bills, whether you’re at home or traveling. 

  • Schedule full or partial payments, either as one-time transactions or recurring for regular bills
  • Multi-layer security ensures your data and personal information are protected, as opposed to sending bills through the mail
  • Set up reminders that alert you when a bill is coming due
  • Access your payment history online to see who you’ve paid and how much

Think about it. Now you can avoid the fees that come with late payments by scheduling your payment to arrive the day it’s due, automatically. And you won’t spend time writing out checks, finding stamps and going to the post office.

You’ll enjoy the convenience and added security that comes with switching to Online Bill Pay