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Oral surgeon purchases dream practice with financing from United Community Bank Dr. Matthew Barefoot: I love oral surgery. It’s a great intermediate between dentistry and medicine. I didn’t really start out wanting to own my own practice. But when an opportunity arose to purchase one, I had to give it consideration for sure. The appeal of owning my own practice was being able to mold the practice into a way I wanted it, and give premier care to patients as well as have a great lifestyle with my family. And if I was going to own a practice, it was definitely going to be at the beach. Dr. Matthew Barefoot: The broker handling the sale recommended United Community Bank. Samantha Strain: We have a dedicated team of professionals that have over fifty years of dental experience. And so we’ve had experience in helping doctors start practices, buy practices, do ground up construction, expansions, multiple locations. Dr. Matthew Barefoot: One of the things I liked about the bank was they had a track record of lending to oral surgeons. It made it easy for me because there was no learning curve for them and all I had to do was listen to what they told me and the walk the path with them to get to the end. Samantha Strain: Our team of dedicated dental specialists like to begin the application process by meeting with the doctor, understanding the needs fully, expediting the application and the credit process, and walking the doctor through every step of the way. We make the application process as quick and easy for the doctor as possible. Rich Bradshaw: We really are a community bank at heart and we really are the bank that service built. We do have many products that are specifically designed for small business and that really is a big focus of the bank. Samantha Strain: I love the healthcare industry and in fact I have seven dentists and physicians in my family. I started selling medical and dental supplies early in my career and became very interested in helping these physicians and doctors make their dream a reality. Dr. Matthew Barefoot: I’m surrounded by a team of professionals that are outstanding, live in a place with a great lifestyle with my family and we all love it. And United Community Bank helped me call that a reality. Veterinarian starts specialty practice with financing from United Community Bank SBA Lending Dr. Jason King: When I made the decision to open my own practice I was looking at different places I could do that and Savannah just seemed like a natural fit. So I did go to several of the banks that are well-known in veterinary lending circles and offered my business plan to them. Eventually they did all offer me terms. In the end, I ended up going with United Community Bank because the level of service that they offered, and just how helpful they were, really made me feel like they were in my corner. Time will tell if I’m going to be a good boss and if I’m going to be a good business person, but what the whole process has done is rekindled my passion veterinarian neurology and neurosurgery. And it’s allowed me to find other talent and professionals that bring into the team as well, and allowed us access to resources that we might not have had access to before. And having somebody that’s got your back and that is in your corner, uh really makes all the difference. Manufacturing company relocates equipment from Italy with financing from United Community Bank Chad Odom: I’ve been in what we call industrial packaging business for gosh probably over 25 years now. We were manufacturing a couple hundred thousand drums and probably washing about as many as well. So at that point we decided we needed to expand our product line and to do that, the most logical step was to manufacture our own tote bottle. I knew what we needed when it came time to purchase a blow molder large enough. These machines are two stories tall, a hundred feet long and multiple pieces to it. We were able to find the perfect machine. The problem was it was in Italy. So we took money out of our own pocket, personally and through the company and started putting down payments, paying equipment movers, sending my people over to Italy to supervise the deconstruction and the crating of the machine. It was quite an undertaking. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this. Our backs were against the wall where needed a next level of funding to help us get to the finish line. Michelle Seaver: Greenville is a great place to work and to live. There is a very strong entrepreneurial spirit here. Chad is a great example. He’s the kind of guy that makes you want to work harder for him to help him achieve his goals. Chad Odom: A lot of banks wanted our business. And most of them were waiting until we were up and operational and really see if we were able to do it, but United Community Bank came in and understood what we were trying to do and wanted to be our partner from the very beginning and they made things happen very quickly. Michelle Seaver: We at the local bank know Chad and know his company. We knew that he had a unique need and so we brought in our amazing team of SBA specialists who really understand the needs of manufacturing companies. Rich Bradshaw: We really are a community bank at heart and we really are the bank that service built. We do have many products that are specifically designed for small business and that really is a big focus of the bank. Michelle Seaver: Chad’s a big thinker. He knew exactly what he needed and he needed a bank to be his partner and to tailor a solution to fit his need. Chad Odom: I’ve been doing this a long time and to be successful you have to have a good partner and that’s exactly what United Community Bank is. Franchise Loans Justin Church (Owner, Church Restaurant Concepts, LLC): Every single one of our biscuits are made from scratch. We get there anywhere between three-thirty and four in the morning, so by five o’clock you have all the biscuits made. Everything is ready to go for our morning rush. Justin Church: My dad has owned a number of convenience stores throughout the years and we had over seventy-five restaurant franchises. When I started off, I was in college and I worked for minimum wage at my dad’s store taking out the trash, cleaning, doing the dishes, and then once I got to the managerial level I knew that this was something that I could make a career and be successful at. Frank Gallagher (SVP, SBA Manager Franchise Lending, United Community Bank): Justin was an ideal small business loan applicant. He’s smart, organized, a real hard-worker. He chose a well-known established franchise and he has great experience not only as an employee but as a manager and an owner of another franchise. Justin Church: After deciding on Bojangles, we had to figure out how we were going to find all the equipment, the building, the construction, the small wares, everything that goes into making it a restaurant. We weren’t originally thinking about doing an SBA loan but after looking into it some more and talking to United Community Bank we looked and saw how simple it could be. Frank Gallagher: We have a novel approach to lending. We have the resources of a large national bank but we have a small community bank feel. Our SBA lending department is devoted to SBA only. Furthermore, we specialize in industry groups. We handle franchise lending. We know the concepts. We know what they look for in a borrower or a franchisee. We understand their location process. We understanding the licensing and the challenges that a franchise owner really encounters throughout the entire process. Rich Bradshaw (President, Specialized Lending, United Community Bank): We really are a community bank at heart. We really are the bank that service built. We do have many products that are specifically designed for small business, and that really is a big focus of the bank. Justin Church: So now that we’re open, we’ve got over a hundred employees and we’re selling over a thousand biscuits a day. It’s the start of a dream come true. We had a vision to develop the territory and it started off with this first restaurant. If we can start every one of our customer’s mornings off with a smile, then that’s our goal. And United Community Bank has helped get us there. FUNERAL LENDING Shifting trends in family choices… Expanding corporate ownership…Rising costs… The funeral and death care industry is changing with each new year. At United Community Bank, our team of funeral and death care lending specialists understand the need for capital - for acquisitions, expansions, renovations, equipment upgrades and more. And, we make the loan application process as quick and easy as possible. Voiceover: United Community Bank has the industry knowledge, resources and the team in place to help make your goals a reality. Introducing your new MasterCard chip card…. From the moment you receive it you can start enjoying the benefits. Like the extra layer of security against fraud & counterfeiting it gives you, every time you make a purchase in store. And it’s so easy to use. Just insert and leave your card in the chip enabled terminal… Then… follow the on-screen prompts to enter either a PIN or sign. When the transaction is completed, remove your card. That’s it. It’s that easy. Chips cards are already used at millions of locations around the world. And now more and more chip-enabled terminals are coming to retailers in the US. But, if you’re in a store that doesn’t have one yet, don’t worry, you can still swipe and sign or enter your pin like you do today. New, easy-to-use chip cards. Giving you more security… and more peace of mind.