A message from United

Today is June 19th—also known as Juneteenth. For those who might not know, Juneteenth honors and celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. It is considered the longest running African American holiday and has been called America’s second Independence Day. Let’s all pause today and acknowledge the deep historical impact of this day for us all. As a United team, we will take the time to consider what each of us can do to take steps to help create positive change and inclusivity at United and in our communities. We encourage our customers and members of our communities to do the same. Together, we know we can be a force for good in every community where United has a presence.

On Friday, June 18, we are encouraging our United team members to join “The Power of U” Diversity and Inclusion Council on a WebEx to celebrate this historic day, learn about the history and reflect on the past and the future of our nation. Now is truly the time for our community to come together, for good.

Thank you for being a part of the United community.


Community is our middle name. 

See what we are doing to foster an open, supportive workplace in our Diversity and Inclusion Statement. 

We are listening. 

Every voice is important to us. If you have something to say, we are here to listen.