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Now that you've submitted your application, what can you expect?

Since we began accepting PPP applications on April 4, 2020, our team has processed 11,000 loan applications to reserve more than $1.2 billion in funding for small businesses in need. If your application was processed and your funds were successfully reserved, you should have received a notification via email. If you have specific questions about your loan application status, please reach out to ucbicares@ucbi.com

If you have received an email from us informing you that your funds have been successfully reserved, then what?

Your funds are guaranteed upon satisfactory review and completion of all required information and borrower certification, as well as executed lending documents. You will receive an email from ucbicares-docs@ucbi.com and your action will be required in order to officially complete your application and receive funding. Please be on the lookout for this important email! All documentation must be reviewed and signed electronically using DocuSign. Please note that DocuSign requires a desktop computer rather than a smart phone to complete the signature process.

How you can prepare:

  1. Customer Action Required: Click on the link within the email you receive to access the PPP Borrower Application via DocuSign You will be asked a series of questions to authenticate your identity prior to accessing the documents. One you access the application using a computer, you will electronically sign the application.

  2. United Action Required: After you submit your PPP Borrower Application in DocuSign, we will review your file for accuracy and completion.

  3. Customer Action Required: Once reviewed, you will receive a second email containing additional PPP loan documentation. This documentation will need to be reviewed and you will, again, sign electronically via DocuSign.

  4. United Action Required: After you have submitted the signed PPP loan documentation in DocuSign, we will begin the process of disbursing your loan proceeds.

If you submitted applications for more than one entity, you will receive separate email notifications for each PPP loan when funds are reserved.

If you have not yet received an email from us informing you that your funds have been successfully reserved:

We are continuing to work through the applications in our system. Please keep an eye on your email inbox that you used for your application process. We will update you on the status of your application as soon as information becomes available. If you have specific questions regarding the status of your loan application, you can email ucbicares@ucbi.com

Fully completed applications will be processed in the order in which they were received. Please note that your PPP application is subject to approval by the SBA.

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COVID-19 has significantly impacted nearly every business in our community. We have created CARES Act resources and tools to provide you with guidance to help navigate this unprecedented time.