It Feels Good to Swim Fast

Swim Atlanta

Years ago, Chris and the Swim Atlanta team were banking with a large financial institution. That relationship turned a bit sour when a complication with a loan occurred. The big bank was quick to point fingers and Chris was forced to fend for his company. Chris decided to make a change—he needed a bank he could trust. 

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More Customer Stories

A crucial part of the GreenCourt business model is processing filing fees for attorneys. This means thousands of financial transactions flow through their system each day. Andy Johnson, CEO of GreenCourt, knew that they would need to work together with a strong, secure financial institution to be successful. What Andy didn’t realize is that he wouldn’t have to look far to get what his business needed. Already a business checking and lending customer of United, Andy started by going to his local banker to see what other business services we had to offer. He asked, “What are some of the more in-depth treasury management tools [United has] that only usually the big guys off…

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson