Frank Workman and Will Sykes

Dealers Supply & Lumber Company

“I thoroughly enjoy the relationship we have with Dealers Supply,” says Jana Scroggins, Greenville County (SC) Commercial Lending Division Manager. “I just love that we are constantly in communication, that we both understand each other’s goals.”

In 2014, Dealers Supply & Lumber Company, like many businesses recovering from the recession, wanted to transition to conventional banking for all the company’s banking needs. UCB offered SBA Capital Line of Credit and SBA 7A products to set them on that path. Today, Dealers Supply has fully transitioned to traditional banking for its working capital and growth needs.

“Not only is the UCB team skilled at problem solving, they also are personally invested in our success and in our lives,” explains Will Sykes, Managing Partner of Dealers Supply.

Frank Workman, Managing Partner with Will, adds “At the end of the day our banker is a part of our team. When we have success, Jana celebrates with us.”

Jana agrees, “I look forward to continuing to celebrate together with the Dealers Supply team for years to come!”

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