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Just The Facts

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We don't know everything, but we do know banking.

We're always learning and finding better ways to provide you with the best banking service possible. Throughout 2019, we’re sharing fun facts in all sorts of locations! You might catch a fact on Facebook, when you open an email or in one of our 147 banking locations. Wherever you find our facts, we want you to follow along and learn with us. We can't know everything, but if we put our team together with you and your dreams, we believe we can find the best financial path forward for you. Now that’s a fact!

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What's next?

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For your business

Business Online and Mobile Banking

United Mobile App for Business

Positive Pay

  • Detects and alerts you of potential fraudulent activity

ACH Debit Block

  • Block and return ACH debit transactions against designated accounts





Personal Banking

For your life

Personal Online and Mobile Banking

United Mobile App

Bill Pay

  • ​Control when and how you pay your bills

Pay Friends

  • Send money to and from anyone with a mobile phone number or email address


  • View and print your account statements anytime, anywhere

Personal Financial Management

  • United’s free budgeting software available through Online and Mobile Banking.
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For your budget

Budgeting Calculators
  • Budget for any stage of your life and track your spending and saving habits
Savings Calculators
  • Set saving goals to help you tackle the next big to-do in your life
Business Calculators
  • Set your business up for success in the short and long-term
Home Loan and Mortgage Calculators
  • Finance the home of your dreams or refinance the home you have

Keep learning.

Skimming, Phishing, Smishing, Oh my!

Learn about these common scams and how you can better protect yourself from fraud.
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The security your money deserves with chip card technology

United Community Bank Mastercard® debit cards feature embedded chip technology; the global standard of protection against fraud and theft, so you can conduct transactions and withdraw money with greater peace of mind.
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You, yourself and identity theft

Your identity is one of the most valuable things you own. It's important to keep your identity from being stolen by someone who can potentially harm your good name and financial well-being.
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