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We're in the business of making lives better. 

Now and always, together, for good.

It's times like these that we like to take a step back and consider the incredible communities in which we live and work. We are continually blown away by the generosity and heart of the incredible people–customers and United employees alike–who walk through our doors or contribute to our communities on a daily basis. In a time where good news is hard to come by, we decided to collect some of the encouraging and uplifting stories we see every day and share them with the world. 

Share your Good Story

Do you know someone who is making a positive difference in the world today?  Maybe it is you, or your family or friends. Tell us your story! Whether you are sewing face masks for your neighbors, or helping deliver meals to those in need, tell us your ‘good story’ so we can share it with others. We want the good news to encourage others to join the “good” challenge. 

I hereby grant to United Community Bank and its affiliates the right and permission to use in perpetuity, my name, likeness, image, appearance, biographical information, statements, and/or testimonial(s) (collectively, “Appearance”) in any manner and in any media at any time, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing United's products and services, without review, permission or compensation of any amount or kind whatsoever. United shall have complete ownership of the provided file containing or featuring my Appearance, including copyright interests.

Good Stories

man and woman delivering flowers to elderly womanman and woman delivering flowers to elderly womanI have always received the best assistance from UCBI in Hiawassee, GA. To me, after having lived in eleven different states, they are # 1. I have lived up at Big Sky Apt. for Seniors for almost 11 years. During this pandemic, we have been shut in for our own good. But many have been depressed. We have a lady almost 101 years old and four others that are not quite that age, but belong to the same Church. On Saturday , our pastor and his wife came with flowers, would not come in, but brought joy! Hope! Love! Spring Flowers and “sonshine.” It also brought tears of happiness and smiles of thanksgiving! That we were not all alone. I cannot express the gratitude felt by us in so many ways. We were not just up here, Someone cared. Thank you, Calvary Alliance Church and much love to our Pastor, Brian Schmidt, who does so much in this community and for people that don’t even belong to our church ! He and his wife, Debbie are true servants.
I love Hiawassee.

–Joyce J.


QuotesI work at Walmart in Simpsonville. I have been there every day since the virus. I wear my mask take my temperature and stock shelves so that food can be put on everybody's table. Even though I sacrifice myself it is a pleasure to know that I am helping other people. 
–Rickie B.

Goodie bags on a table

I have used some of my time preparing goodie bags for the doctors and nurses that are heroes at Grady Memorial Hospital and plan to continue distributing more. Also giving a little extra for the seniors by going to food pantries and making sure there ok with food volunteered also to pass out food for South Fulton County food drive it was a great day!
–Lillian J.

QuotesA group of volunteers at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church continued packing sack packs to feed our children on the weekends. During the school year we were packing a little over 500 bags per week. During COVID-19 lockdown we distributed close to 1,000 bags a week. This is a very expensive endeavor and was even more expensive at this time because Chattanooga Food Bank was unable to obtain food for us to purchase so we had to go to Walmart and Sam's. We have felt very honored to provide the food items for children in need.
–Diana W.

Eggs in a basket
Every week I set out eggs from my laying hens for my neighborhood for free. It is so great to see people bring their kids and pets by to pick their eggs. It is a very small gesture, but a lot of little gestures add up to a big good! I can share so many stories like these that our neighbors are doing for each other. Something great that comes from such a horrible time for so many people.
–Danielle J.

QuotesIn March I joined a FB group called Hand Sewn Masks for North Georgia. This group been amazing with volunteers sewing, cutting material to be sewn, runners who would do porch pick-ups/drop offs and etc. We never charged but asked for donations and that in itself has been tremendous from material, elastic of different forms to sewing machines. Our Founder, Caroline Smith, kept track of the orders as far as how many were needed, which type, where to send and how. Our best "Thank you's" have been the recipients joining our group and posting pics of them wearing our masks. We hope when time is right that we can finally meet each other face to face and feel proud of each other for what we have done for our Community. This is just a small piece of the big picture of how/why we all did what we did in the "all in this together" ordeal!
–Lauri W.

Men and women unloading boxes.Tracey Bentley is the owner of The Scrub Closet in Gainesville GA. She provides a variety of company’s their work uniforms such as dentist, and specialty clinics. Her largest customer base is of course the many nurses and doctors who have been so closely involved with the COVID-19 virus. Tracey and her staff hear first-hand the struggle this pandemic has caused the health care workers. After listening to and recognizing the needs of our great community, she was determined to step up and do her part. In mid April there was a large demand for medical scrubs for nurses who were working long hours in uncertain conditions. Tracey along with her store managers, Susan Crowe and Melissa West made a call to Human Resources at Northeast GA Health Systems about how they could make a difference. The following Monday, The Scrub Closet donated and delivered 1000 new scrub tops and pants to the courageous and dedicated nurses of our amazing local hospital.
–Ron H.

QuotesI am ensuring that the elderly, lonely and physically challenged from the neighborhood that I grew up in are taken care of by taking groceries, medicines, toiletries, etc. all delivered weekly with plenty of conversations, laughter and smiles. However this is something that I've always done because people need people. It doesn't take a pandemic to show kindness. However as a result of the pandemic may be the hand of kindness will be extended more often by all. United we stand, divided we fall.
–Sorona J.

American flag on a tree
In my neighborhood of Oak Creek Plantation, Spartanburg, SC, we quickly created a Neighbor Assistance Program in which 25% of the neighbors signed up to help our at risk neighbors. In a matter of hours, we had names ready to put into action. It was an amazing outpouring of our community spirit. And an additional sign of being united in this time together, the majority of our homes are displaying the American flag. We are in this together!
–Caroline M.

QuotesI work at the Franklin Chamber of Commerce. About 2 weeks before the virus hit us we put out a Little Free Pantry and a Little Free Library. The staff, neighbors, friends, board members and even passersby have been so kind to be sure our pantry is ready for anyone who needs something to get them through the day. Even with limited access to things in town, it's been wonderful to notice people being kinder and gentler to each other. As a small community we can get through this with sharing and caring. Thanks Ellen for your lovely smile and a good thought. You make my day.
–Susan S.

Greeting cards
I run a tiny home-based business making greeting cards and teaching cardmaking classes as a Stampin'UP! independent demonstrator. Our face-to-face gatherings aren't possible right now, so I've started a facebook group to support and connect my customers. We do zoom gatherings to keep connected, and make cards to send to shut-ins, assisted livings and nursing homes where people aren't able to socialize or have visitors due to the virus. Since March 13th, I personally have made and sent over 300 cards. My customers and teammates together have sent hundreds more. Stay connected–share love–send cards!
–Linda B.

QuotesI am a proud cafeteria employee of Dawson County GA. We have been here from the get go making breakfast and lunch for the children of our county daily. Even though we have been nervous about getting the virus we know our goal is to feed our kids. What a blessing to know our babies  are being fed and nourished. But goodness, we miss them terribly. 
–Camilla W.

face masks on a model
I have been sewing facemasks for the medical and essential worker community and am now making them available for a low donation to community members. These are hand dyed and hand sewed two layer surgical style masks. I have donated over 1500 masks and continue to send them out to folks who need them.
–Tina R.

QuotesOur church (First Free Will Baptist in Hayesville) has been doing lots of good things for the community. They are doing a food distribution every two weeks for those in need in our parking lot. They prepared BBQ pork plates and delivered them to every doctors office, hospital, and nursing home in Clay, Cherokee, Towns, and Union Counties one Friday, and our children have been writing thank you cards and taken them to nursing homes every week.
–Carol H.

Food on a red shelf

I think the blessing boxes around Brantley County have been an extraordinary idea that has helped families receive help with no contact and without any embarrassment, too! There may be more I am unaware of, but I know there is one at the Waynesville Fire Department and I think there is one at the Hortense Fire Department and Atkinson Fire Department. What a way to help others during a time when we are distant! Let's stay positive and get through this together!
–Phillip and Ashley R.

Together, for good.

The Blairsville, GA team set up an outdoor booth to ensure a smooth trip to the bank for their customers. They implemented new traffic patterns for drive-thrus and ATMs and set up a station for team members to greet customers with a friendly face. When local company Panel Built saw the crew manning it in the rain, they sent a climate-controlled booth over to keep the team comfortable! It just goes to show that one good thing can truly lead to another. We’re so grateful for our customers and our community!

Brightening days and lifting spirits.

The team from Smithfield, NC, is doing their part in sharing the good by handing out "positive thoughts" through the drive thru to their customers. They enjoy seeing these notes bring smiles to customers during this time of uncertainty. Every little bit counts in lifting the spirits of people in our great communities.

It must be a sign.

In late April, a customer surprised our Cave Spring team by installing this sign overnight. We are so grateful for our wonderful communities and customers. And, a big thank you to our financial first responders!