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GreenCourt Legal Technologies leverages cash management to serve the legal system.

A #togetherforgood story.

Video (1:46): In his own words, Andy Johnson tells the story of GreenCourt's digital progress and United’s role in it.

GreenCourt Legal Technologies is located in the heart of quaint downtown Carrollton, GA, a thriving community near Atlanta. Quite symbolically, their office is physically positioned between their two constituents: the courthouse and an attorney’s office. Founded in 2013, GreenCourt Legal Technologies works to connect law firms and courts via eFiling.

A crucial part of the GreenCourt business model is processing filing fees for attorneys. This means thousands of financial transactions flow through their system each day. Andy Johnson, CEO of GreenCourt, knew that they would need to work together with a strong financial institution to be successful.

The big picture needs big solutions.

What Andy didn’t realize is that he wouldn’t have to look far to get what his business needed. . Already a business checking and lending customer of United, Andy started by going to his local banker to see what other business services we had to offer. He asked, “What are some of the more in-depth treasury management tools [United has] that only usually the big guys offer?”

"They surprised me with the amount of tools they were able to provide and being able to hold your hand through a problem – those are things that the big guys can’t offer."

Treasury management is one of the most crucial components of a business’ well-being – it can be a big part of what helps keep a business running smoothly. At United, we offer a robust set of treasury management services including accounts receivable and payable, fraud prevention and merchant services. Streamlining collections and payments allows you to get out of the weeds and focus on the bigger picture – and that helps you move your business forward. You can rest easy knowing that every cent is accounted for.

Andy was pleasantly surprised with United’s options. “They surprised me with the amount of tools they were able to provide and being able to hold your hand through a problem – those are things that the big guys can’t offer.”

Pennies are personal, and powerful

PeachCourt, GreenCourt’s eFiling and eAccess system now services 148 of the 159 counties across the state of Georgia and the number of transactions they facilitate is growing. To help process those transactions, they leverage United’s treasury management offerings. “I’m thankful to be able to say in the six years we’ve been in business [and] the almost $100 million we’ve processed, we’ve never lost a penny,” Andy says.

At United, we strive to scale with your business. We are proud to maintain the personal touch of a smaller bank while providing you with the resources your business needs to thrive. Growing a business is complicated and you may find that you need equally intricate financial support. United will work with you to develop a financial plan that works for your business. We offer strategic guidance, sophisticated systems and a branch just down the way if you ever have a question you want to talk over in person. That’s the United difference.

“I think a common stigma for community banks is that they can’t provide the services that the larger banks can. I have found that to be false,” Andy explains.

Community Banks don’t have to be large to get the big idea. We can’t wait to watch as Andy and the GreenCourt Legal Technologies team continue to improve the justice system and impact the professional communities they serve.

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