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Easily send payments to friends

Pay Friends is a quick, easy and secure way to send money to anyone with a mobile phone number or email. This free service is available to all customers enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking with a registered debit card. 

Easily Send Payments to Friends

Awkward IOUs are a thing of the past thanks to Pay Friends. To begin using this simple money-transfer tool for the first time, contact your local branch or come and see us.

After a United team member sets up your Pay Friends access, follow these steps to start using the tool. 

  1. Open the Pay Friends tab on your home page. 
  2. Enter in the Recipient's Name, Email / Mobile Number, the Amount you want to pay.
  3. Choose which debit card to deduct from.
  4. Add a memo for reference.
  5. Click Continue in order to confirm the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When using Pay Friends, how does the recipient receive a payment?

Depending on how the payment is sent, the recipient will receive either a text message or email notification. In that notification there will be a link directing to webpage two options. The first is to enter their debit card information in the provided form, which will be used to process the payment to their account. If the recipient does not have a debit card, or their debit card will not accept the payment, they can instead navigate to the second option by selecting the webpage link titled "Receive with your checking account." This option uses ACH to deposit the payment into their checking account once the recipient provides their account information. When using the ACH payment option, a payment will appear in the recipient’s checking account in 2-4 business days.

Is there a fee to use Pay Friends?

No. There are no fees to send money through our Pay Friends service. There are also no fees for those who receive funds through Pay Friends.

How do I register for the Pay Friends service?

To access registration for Pay Friends, navigate to the Pay Friends menu option on the left-hand side of online and mobile banking, or from the dropdown menu of the United Community Bank mobile app. You will then be directed to our terms and conditions for review and asked to verify your debit card information.

Do I need to register for the Pay Friends service?

Yes. Please visit a United Community Bank branch location and speak with a representative to complete the registration process. Once authenticated, Pay Friends will register and verify your United Community Bank debit card and can begin to use Pay Friends.

Why did I receive an “exceeds limits” error when using Pay Friends?

Pay Friends has the following transaction-amount limits in place:

  • Per Transaction: $1,500
  • Per Day: Limits vary per customer’s limits on their UCBI debit card.
  • Per Month: $4,000

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