The security your money deserves with chip card technology.

United Community Bank Mastercard® debit cards feature embedded chip technology; the global standard of protection against fraud and theft, so you can conduct transactions and withdraw money with greater peace of mind. In fact, international travel is now increasingly hassle-free because chip technology is accepted worldwide.

Why are chip cards safer than magnetic stripe cards?

  • These debit cards are similar to previous versions, with one crucial difference: your card number, name and other account information are stored on a highly secured microchip.
  • The microchip creates an added layer of security compared to a magnetic stripe card by generating a unique, one-time code that is required to approve every transaction. Because this code changes every time, it’s more difficult to copy or counterfeit your card.

Using your chip card

You don’t need to change much when using your Mastercard® debit card with the microchip. As merchants continue to transition to chip-enabled card processing terminals, your chip card will still work at terminals designed for magnetic stripe cards.

Step 1: Insert your card with the chip toward the terminal, facing up. Do not remove until prompted.

Step 2: Provide your signature or PIN, as prompted. Some transactions may not require this step.

Step 3: Remove your card when the machine indicates the transaction is complete.

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