Token Registration Update

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On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, a software update will impact United Community Bank users using a Symantec VIP Token (Verisign). Following the update, users using a Symantec VIP Token will need to re-register their device with online banking. You can follow the instructions below to re-establish your device's connection with the Symantec VIP Token app.

Note: You will NOT need to provide United Community with your Credential ID again.
Step 1
After entering your Login ID and Password on or in the UCBI Mobile App, you will be prompted with the screen below asking you to Enter your Secure Access Code.
In your VIP Access app enter the Security Code into the first box titled Enter Verisign Token. token code

Step 2
Wait 30 seconds for the Symantec VIP Access app to generate a new Security Code.
Step 3
Enter the new Security Code into the second box, labeled Enter Second Verisign Token. Push Continue.

After re-establishing your Symantec VIP Token, you will have the option to register your device as you did before.

United Community Bank is committed to the performance and security of your Digital Banking. We thank you for your understanding as we make these important maintenance updates. For questions or assistance with your Symantec VIP Token, please contact our support team at 1-866-270-6100 or