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    Business Miscellaneous Fees Schedule

    As of November 2023

    Account Research

    Research (hourly rate): $25.00 

    Research Photocopies (per page): $1.00

    Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

    Card Replacement (per card): $5.00 

    ATM Transaction/Balance Inquiry Outside of United or Publix® Presto! Network: $1.00


    Official Check: $10.00 

    Check Copy (per check) (maximum of $30.00): $3.00 

    Check Orders: Varies by style

    Check Cashing Fee (non-customers): 1% fee (or minimum of $5.00) for checks cashed at any United Community location


    Domestic: $20.00

    Foreign: $25.00 

    Other Bank Pass-thru Fees: Actual

    Dormant Account

    Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee (maximum of $60): $5.00 per month 

    North Carolina (maximum of $75): $6.25 per month

    Florida (if no activity for 36 months): $15.00 per month

    Legal Orders

    Levy or Garnishment: No Charge 

    Subpoena Research (hourly rate): $25.00 

    Subpoena Photocopies (per page): $0.25

    Miscellaneous Services

    Account Closure Within 90 Days of Opening: $20.00 

    Branch Photocopies (per page): $1.00 

    Coin Supplied (per roll): $0.10 

    Currency Supplied (per $100): $0.15 

    Deposit Correction: No Charge

    Fax (per page): $2.00

    Negative Available Balance Fee1,2 : Prime + 3%

    Night Depository Plastic Bags: Actual Price

    Night Drop Deposits (per bag): $2.00 

    Returned Deposited Item: $10.00 

    Returned Redeposited Item: $7.00 Special Handling: $25.00 

    Statement Copy (maximum of $50.00): $5.00/statement

    Stop Payment (branch initiated): $36.00 

    Stop Payment (Online Banking initiated): $30.00 

    Verification of Deposit: $20.00

    Online and Mobile Banking Services

    Package Name Basic Plus
    Package Name
    Plus Monthly Access3
    Package Name
    # of Users
    Up to 2
    Up to 5
    Package Name
    Additional Users3
    Package Name
    # of Accounts
    Up to 5
    Up to 10
    Package Name
    Additional Accounts3

    Overdraft Services

    Overdraft Fee (per item)4: $36.00 

    Returned Item Fee (per item)4: $36.00 

    Overdraft Transfer Fee (Line of Credit or Linked Deposit Account): $7.50 

    Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental 

     2 x 5: $40.00 

    3 x 5: $40.00 

    4 x 5: $50.00 

    5 x 5: $60.00 

    3 x 10: $70.00 

    4 x 10: $80.00 

    5 x 10: $90.00 

    7 x 10: $100.00 

    10 x 10: $150.00 

    Locker: $150.00 

    Past Due After 30 Days: $10.00

    Wire Transfer Services

    Incoming (domestic and international): $14.00 

    Outgoing Domestic (branch initiated): $30.00 

    Outgoing Domestic (Business Online Banking initiated): $15.00 

    Outgoing International (branch or Business Online Banking initiated): $50.00 

    Reverse Wire Drawdown: $25.00

    1. Fees can be offset by compensating analysis checking balance earnings credit based on current rates.
      Fee will be charged on your negative available balance for the month.
      Sum of Monthly Access, Additional User and Additional Account fees will not exceed $65 per month.
      The fee applies to transactions created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM Withdrawal or other electronic means.

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