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    Treasury Management

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    Complete support, from cashflow to financial analysis.

    Your business is unique. Your Treasury Management Services should be too. We specialize in providing the tools you need to efficiently manage the finances of your business and save you time and money.

    Call 1-866-270-6100 or email [email protected] if you have questions for the Treasury Management Services team. 

    Account Management

    Get convenient access to your money and manage your business accounts in real time with our information reporting solutions.
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    Accounts Receivable Services

    Your time is valuable. Streamline your collections and get some of that time back. These quick and secure services match the pace of your day so you can stop stressing and stay focused on the success of your business.
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    Accounts Payable Services

    Enjoy convenient access to your money and never be left in the dark. When you streamline your AP services with us, you'll save time, money and headaches.
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    ACH Origination Services

    Use ACH to collect payments from customers or concentrate cash between multiple bank accounts.
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    Fraud Prevention

    Fight the rise of fraudulent activity with United Community at your side. We offer multiple fraud prevention tools to help protect your business, manage risk and avoid the costly effects of check and electronic fraud.
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    Wire Transfers

    Easily move money from your United Community account in a cost-effective way with our Wire Transfer service.
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    International Services

    Manage all your international transactions with our Documentary Collections service. We'll ensure payments are collected quickly, risk is minimized and documents are exchanged properly.
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    Create Invoices with Autobooks

    Create and send a great-looking invoice in minutes with Autobooks.1 Delight your customers with easy online payment options. You’ll be able to see who paid their invoice, and who is past due.
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    Merchant Services POS

    United Community Payments Systems has teamed up with Clover®, a point-of-sale (POS) system that makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments. Organize inventory and manage your team. Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers.

    Contact our Treasury Management Team

    Fill out the form below, call 1-866-270-6100, or email [email protected] to get in contact with the Treasury Management Services team. 

    NACHA Rule Changes - 2023

    Below are updates to the NACHA rules that pertain to ACH originators. For more information or detail surrounding these or other NACHA rules, please visit or contact your Treasury Management teammate.

    NACHA has updated the rule for Micro-Entries (Phase 1), effective September 16, 2022.
    This is what it means for you:
    • A Micro-Entry will be “a credit or debit Entry used by an Originator for the purpose of verifying a Receiver’s account or an individual's access to an account.”
    • An Originator must include specific information including a description of “ACCTVERIFY”, a recognizable Company Name, and the offsetting credit/debit at the same time.
    NACHA has updated the rule for Micro-Entries (Phase 2), effective March 17, 2023.
    This is what it means for you:
    • Originators of Micro-Entries are required to use commercially reasonable fraud detection, including the monitoring of Micro-Entry forward and return volumes.
    • Monitoring forward and return volumes, at a minimum, establishes a baseline of normal activity.
    • An Originator is not required to perform an entry-by-entry review

    Third-Party Sender
    NACHA has updated the rule for the roles and responsibilities of Third-Party Senders (TPS), effective September 30, 2022.
    This is what it means for you:
    • Third-Party Senders or Nested TPSs that have not previously conducted an ACH Risk Assessment will have to do so
    • Third-Party Senders that have relied on other TPS’s Risk Assessments or Rules Compliance Audits will need to conduct their own

    Same Day ACH Dollar Limit
    NACHA has updated the rule for Same Day ACH Limits, effective March 18, 2022.
    This is what it means for you:
    • This rule increases the Same Day ACH dollar limit to $1 million per payment
    • This rule applies to all Same Day ACH entries; consumer and business payments, credits and debits.

    Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

    Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer
    Provide the originating financial institution with the following wire instructions:
    Wire Funds to: United Community Bank
    Address: 125 Highway 515 East
                       Blairsville, GA 30512
    Routing number: 061112843
    For Credit to: Your account number and name exactly as it appears on your account
    Please allow 24 hours for a domestic wire transfer to credit to an account. The domestic incoming wire fee is $14.
    Incoming International Wire Transfer
    Provide the originating financial institution with the following wire instructions:
    Wire Funds to: United Community Bank
    Address: 125 Highway 515 East
                        Blairsville, GA 30512
    For Credit to: Your account number and name exactly as it appears on your account
    Please allow up to 7 days for an international wire transfer to credit to an account. The international incoming wire fee is $14. Currency conversion exchange rates may apply.

    Usage of ACH SEC Codes

    How to correctly choose SEC Code in Online Banking
    In Online Banking, as you are submitting your transactions, under Origination Details there is a dropdown to select the SEC Code PPD or CCD.  Please select the correct SEC Code that corresponds to the recipients of the originated transactions as seen below:
    • PPD - Prearranged Payment and Deposit
    • CCD - Cash Concentration and Disbursement 
    • The CCD SEC Code is for Cash Concentration and Disbursement Transactions and used to originate transactions to or from Business / Corporate Accounts only.
    • The PPD SEC Code is for Prearranged Payment and Deposit Transactions and used to originate transactions to or from Consumer Accounts only.

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