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    security in online banking

    Alerts and Notifications

    Alerts and Notifications

    Always protecting your information

    Here at United Community, we do all that we can to protect your personal information and provide you with a dependable online experience. However, you also have a role to play in your own account security. By using the tools available to you, Online Banking can be a secure and efficient method for all your banking needs. 

    Security Precautions

    Security Preferences

    We take security very seriously at United Community. Because of this, we've added various tools to help you better protect your account information. You can add and manage these features in Security Preferences to strengthen your Online Banking experience. 
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    Mobile Security Preferences

    Within UCB's Online Banking app, you have the ability to set up security preferences that are not available on a desktop computer. These additional preferences make signing into your Online Banking quick and easy, but also adds an extra layer of security to your private information while you are on the go! 
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    Having piece of mind is critical when it comes to your Online Banking experience. When you create an alert through Online Banking, you specify the conditions that trigger that alert, so you stay on top of what's important to you. 
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    Have alerts sent to your mobile device as push notifications. Push notifications are completely free to receive and will show up as a banner at the top of your lock screen or in your notification tray on your device.
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    Secure Message

    If you have questions about your accounts or need to speak with someone at United Community, Secure Messages allow you to communicate directly with a United customer service representative. From the Secure Messages page, you can find replies, old messages or create new conversations. 
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    Moving Money

    The heart of Online Banking is the ability to transfer funds on the go. Whether you are transferring money between your accounts or sending money to someone outside of United Community, there are various features that help you transfer funds in different ways. 
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    Manage and Set Custom Alerts

    Learning Center

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