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Fraud Protection

Be safe. Stay safe.

Let's fight the rise of fraudulent activity together. We offer multiple fraud prevention tools to help protect your business so you can manage risk and avoid the costly effects of check and electronic fraud.

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Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, you provide us with the information on checks you write and we’ll compare it against the checks presented for payment. Any discrepancies will be noted as exceptions for your decision to pay or return each morning.
  • Automatically identify possible fraud without needing to manually review all transactions
  • Save time and money when fraud is detected by rejecting unmatched items before they post to your account
  • Receive email alerts and approve or decline transactions while on the go with the UCBI mobile app

ACH Positive Pay

With our ACH Positive Pay service, you have the option to preauthorize companies to draft funds from your account using ACH debit transactions. It provides alerts for all other ACH transactions, allowing you to review and approve or decline payments for any potentially suspicious activity. This ensures greater control and oversight over your account, enhancing security and peace of mind.
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Check Block

Worried about the increase in paper check fraud? Take action. Block it. To avoid checks being deposited into the account, Check Block minimizes the threat of check fraud by automatically declining and sending back paper-based transactions, allowing the checking account to solely process electronic transactions.
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ACH Debit Block

This feature grants you the capability to block and return ACH debit transactions on specific accounts. It automatically sends back any unauthorized debits to the originating bank, effectively safeguarding your accounts from fraudulent activity.
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wire fraud protection

How to protect yourself from wire fraud.

Wire fraudsters are masters of impersonation who appear in a range of guises, from your local power company to software tech support. But there are some easy ways to start seeing fraudsters for what they are and help keep them away from your money.

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