Leadership Development

Career Pathing

 The Bank is committed to helping employees achieve their career goals and providing a dynamic, engaging and challenging place to work. Career Pathing organizes job descriptions, learning and development resources and job opportunities into logical career paths. Employees can browse options, view a matrix of potential paths and work on their own career path journey with the resources provided. Career Pathing promotes dialogue between the manager and the employee and supports individual development planning and goal setting.

  • Internal Postings
    To allow employees the opportunity to apply for open positions within the Bank, employees may post for an open position after one year of service in the current role.  Exceptions to the one year service requirement can be made at Management’s discretion and agreed upon by the current and future manager. 


Internal and External Training

Through the Bank’s highly-qualified internal trainers and subject matter experts, employees experience quality training in a variety of topics. The training is often held regionally and grouped according to title or function for relevancy and convenience. Participation in training is expected and supported so employees throughout our organization stay informed and up to date on information, skills and systems.
Often times training needs to come from outside the Bank. When that happens, your Supervisor is your closest resource for approval and scheduling. Supervisors can work with Leadership Development to locate the most appropriate and convenient external training provider. 

  • The American Bankers Association: While many external training providers may be utilized, the Bank partners with The American Bankers Association (ABA) so that employees can maintain and improve job-related skills or enhance their ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs within UCB.

The American Bankers Association (ABA) sponsors a full schedule of evening courses leading to five diplomas and four certificates of achievement. UCB gives support and encouragement to the local ABA. Employees not attending other schools are encouraged to advance their careers by taking advantage of this educational opportunity. Courses taken should be related to the employee’s position responsibilities and be pre-approved by their supervisor. UCB will reimburse the full amount of tuition and textbooks for all active employees who complete any courses offered by this educational organization within the guidelines noted above.  It is understood, however, that employees who do not successfully complete a course will not be reimbursed expenses incurred.

  • Troy University: The Bank partners with Troy University to offer employees a 10% tuition discount and no application fee which is applicable to all University degree programs and certificate programs. In addition, a Corporate Achiever Scholarship may be awarded upon eligibility. eTROY, the University’s online program, offers over 30 Bachelor and Master degree programs that can be completed entirely online. Remarkably, some of the Masters Programs can be completed in one year, and the majority can be finished in 15 months.  For more information regarding our partnership with Troy University, please contact Leadership Development in Human Resources.

While educational assistance is expected to enhance employee’s performance and professional abilities, UCB cannot guarantee that participation in formal education will entitle the employee to automatic advancement, a different job assignment or pay increases.

Manager Development

Managing people can be challenging and the matters that come with merging personalities, backgrounds, and skill sets can be difficult at times. The Bank is committed to continuously providing tools and resources to enhance our managers and supervisors. With a firm foundation of performance and open communication, we have a set of processes and practices within the performance management system to affirm, coach, or redirect employees for his/her ultimate success with our company. We strive to provide ongoing and updated training for managers and supervisors on performance management, coaching, and other educational resources to encourage an environment of fairness and consistency.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a program designed to offer educational and developmental exercises for a selected group of individuals who exemplify the qualities of a next generation leader. The program is designed to empower emerging leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead our Bank. Participants are selected annually for the multi-month program and engage in strategic projects, leadership and business development sessions and executive and senior leadership roundtable mentoring. This allows our highest potential leaders to enhance their knowledge and skills, grow in understanding of our culture and how we do business and be challenged with assignments that strategically impact our organization.  

Succession Planning

In order to sustain our unique culture and create a lasting legacy, the Bank leverages succession planning for executive and senior leadership positions. The same philosophy can be applied throughout the organization for any role at any level. Tools and resources are in place to ensure a consistent methodology across the organization and planning occurs on a regular basis.

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