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Thank you for connecting with us.  We are delighted to hear from you and learn about your experiences.  We ask that you observe the following guidelines when engaging with us virtually through any of our social media platforms.  

Be respectful – Please refrain from using obscenities, pornography, illegal or otherwise harmful or offensive content in posts, images, subject lines or usernames. We will remove from our social properties any posts or comments using offensive language or photography. We will not tolerate posts that promote hatred based on race, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic background or sexual preference, through words or images, either implicitly or explicitly and will remove anything in violation of that standard. The safety of our employees and customers is extremely important to us, so please do not mention any United employees or customers by name. Any posts mentioning United employees by name may be removed.  Please limit posts to content you have created and for which you have the intellectual property rights. Any behavior deemed to be stalking or threatening in nature will be reported to authorities.
Be reasonable – Serving you is important to us, and if we haven’t lived up to our promise of service, we want to make it right. If you have an issue with United or a United product or service, please do let us know. We will certainly respond to your post and may ask for additional contact information offline. Please do not provide any of your specific account details or other personal information on any of our social channels. For service-related questions or concerns please call 1-800-UCBANK1 (1-800-822-2651), or visit a branch.
Don’t solicit, advertise or spam – Our website and social channels are a way to enhance the financial education of our customers, and our communities. We take this responsibility seriously and therefore ask you to refrain from soliciting or promoting something outside of the United brand. We also do not allow spam content on our website or social channels, like posting the same comment more than once, yours or someone else’s personal information or anything that was previously removed from our pages. Any content posted in violation of this guideline may be removed.
Legal limitations – Do not use our social channels to promote or participate in illegal activity or malicious intent.  Unlawful content or abusive and/or offensive posts will be taken down.
We reserve the right to remove any postings we believe violate these guidelines and to temporarily or permanently ban any individual who violates these guidelines. All content may be monitored. You are responsible for any and all postings under your username.
Use the information provided on this site at your own risk. To ensure the authenticity of the comments and protect the opinions of members, we cannot take responsibility for the content or opinions posted.
Disclaimers – United is not affiliated with and not responsible for the privacy and security policies of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  United does not endorse, and is not responsible for any third-party content, ads, products, services, recommendations and/or other material of third- party sites that may be promoted via advertising within any of the above social media platforms.  United reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time in its sole discretion.

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