United's Commitment to You


United has been providing customers with a secure and safe place to bank since 1950. We take the commitment to our customers seriously, with a strong focus on safety and soundness, and will continue to protect our customers and their investments. We have a diversified portfolio, and we don’t have significant concentrations of customers, either by industry or by size. We have always believed in diversification, which helps provide stability in times of economic uncertainty.

Bank Characteristics:

  • 207 bank locations situated in the fastest-growing geographies in the Southeast present a continued growth opportunity
  • 9-time winner of the J.D. Power award for Customer Satisfaction with Consumer Banking in the Southeast
  • In 2023, Forbes listed United as one of the World’s Best Banks and one of America’s Best Banks for the tenth consecutive year
  • Named one of American Banker’s “Best Banks to Work For” in 2022 for the sixth consecutive year

Strong Financial Profile:

  • Deposits: Strong, diverse, and granular deposit portfolio with an average account size of $34,000. Customer deposits have increased in Q1.
  • Loans: Credit quality is strong, and our portfolio is well-diversified. Disciplined focus on concentration risk with over 50 industry segment and relationship limits.
  • Significant liquidity: We have a relatively low loan-to-deposit ratio and multiple sources of liquidity available to meet depositor needs. A March 2023 Piper Sandler report (a major investment bank) ranked United as one of the “ports in the storm,” considering our deposit profile and liquidity metrics.
  • Consistent profitability: Diversified revenue with demonstrated operating earnings growth trends year over year. Profitability is very strong relative to peers.
  • Capital levels: Our capital levels are generally above our peers and significantly higher than regulatory requirements for being well-capitalized, and we continue to build capital through earnings. Specifically, our Common Equity Tier 1 ratio is 12.1%.
  • Additional FDIC insurance options: We offer multiple ways to provide added assurance for customer deposits utilizing the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS) and the Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) programs.

What should you do if you have additional questions?
We encourage you to reach out to your local United banker to ask any questions that you might have. You can also call us anytime at 1-800-UCBANK1 (1-800-822-2651).

Reported as of March 31, 2023.