4 Reasons to Ditch Paper Bank Statements

Many of us are completely conditioned to receiving paper bank statements in the mail and taking action from there. But that’s not necessarily the best way to manage your bank accounts. Learn about the advantages of going digital.  

1. No Waiting

Paper statements need to be printed and mailed, so you’ll always get them later than their electronic counterparts. Receiving the same information in a digital format means you can assess and act on it faster, getting ahead on your bills, loan payments, and savings.

2. Not Mailbox Bound

It’s a virtual world. With eStatements, you can access your banking information from anywhere, without worrying when you’ll be back in town to get your mail or stop by a branch.    

3. Less Clutter

No one loves mail piling up on them. Among the catalog lists you can’t get off of, unsolicited ads, and legitimate financial statements, it can quickly become a mess. With eStatements, important banking notices come straight to your email so they’re faster and easier to take care of.

4. More Secure

If your bank statements are coming to your email, you won’t have to worry about someone pilfering through your mail, especially if you’re out of town. eStatements are secure—only you can see them and only you can act on them.

Give a new way of managing your bank accounts a try. Sign up for eStatements.