Inventive Ways for College Students to Save Money

Balancing social and financial expenses as a college student isn’t easy, and it can often become a major headache. At United, we’re here to help. Here are few tips and tricks on how you can save money:

Tap into University Life

Knowing the different opportunities your university offers can significantly improve your ability to save. Universities often hold free events that can benefit the forward-thinking savvy student. You can take advantage of everything from fitness classes to movie nights at little to no cost to you!

On-campus Employment  

Seeking on-campus employment is a great way to manage your finances, increase the amount of money you're saving and boost your resume. Check out bulletin boards on campus or talk to your advisor to see what jobs are open.

Student Discounts

Utilize your student status. Several businesses offer student discounts that can help reduce your overall spending. Restaurants, tech stores, retail shops and more are sometimes willing to shave off up to 10% of your purchase. Your student ID can go a long way in saving you money.

Public Transportation

Reduce the amount you use your car and opt to use public transportation. This is another excellent way to use university resources to your advantage, because a majority of universities offer public transport to help students get to and from classes.  

Visit Your Local Bank

Your bank is also a powerful tool to help save money. Banks often offer checking and savings accounts specifically for college students. Typically, these accounts have reduced fees and no minimum balance. 

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