Manufactured homes: a new option to rent or buy your dream home1

Rising interest rates are driving a lot of home-buying budgets down. That’s where manufactured housing comes in. It’s a more affordable option with many of the same features as a traditional site-built home.

What is a manufactured home?

Unlike traditional site-built homes, manufactured homes are built in a factory before being moved to the location where you plan to live.

The term “manufactured home” refers specifically to any factory-built home that was built after June 15, 1976. This is when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instituted stricter guidelines around how mobile homes and other factory-produced homes could be constructed. The HUD code requires manufactured homes to be constructed on a permanent chassis (a base frame with wheels) and be at least 320 square feet. Once delivered to the final location, the wheels are removed and the chassis is placed on piers, crawl spaces, or a concrete foundation.

Forbes says that manufactured homes generally retain or appreciate in value over time. And you can still score fireplaces, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, and more!2

Product Requirements:

  • A manufactured home must be multi-wide or single-wide
  • For a cash-out refinance, the land and home must be owned by the borrower for at least 12 months prior to the application date
  • Must be permanently affixed to a permanent foundation, in compliance with HUD codes

What are the benefits of choosing a manufactured home?

  • Affordability: Today, it’s possible to buy a manufactured home that has all the amenities and comfort of a traditional home for a fraction of the cost. Based on average sales prices, a manufactured home costs roughly half as much as a site-built home. United also offers financing with as little as 5% down.
  • Appreciation:3 Because of their sturdy construction, the market value of the manufactured home may increase when other home values increase.
  • Efficiency: Manufactured homes are highly energy efficient thanks to the HUD code, which requires them to be constructed with energy-saving features. These factory-built homes can be constructed year-round using processes that are consistent, reliable, efficient, and unaffected by weather.
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1Not all borrowers will qualify. This is not a commitment to lend. Qualifications subject to change without notice.
2Refer to  the Forbes article for more information.
3 Many factors affect home values, including quality of the home, maintenance, location and other factors.   There’s no guarantee that a manufactured home will appreciate in value.