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What’s the Best POS System for your Small Business?

  • Posted on January 29, 2024
Woman using Clover merchant system

Key Takeaways:

  • Clover, Square and Paypal Point of Sale (POS) systems are all easy to use and affordable.
  • Solutions vary in the depth of business data and insights they provide.
  • United believes the Clover solution is the best based on its customizability, ease of scale and free add-ons. That’s why we chose it for our Merchant Services offering.

Different POS Systems come with different hardware, software and capabilities. Take a look at the key differences and get a side-by-side comparison.


Key POS System Differences

While all three POS systems are known for excellent features, ease of use and affordable pricing, there are a few key differences. 

Clover is superior for business merchants who are looking for a customizable, scalable solution. The Clover solution offers a wide range of apps that allow merchants to extend their capabilities at no additional cost. 

Square is better for merchants who want a POS solution with industry-specific software.

PayPal offers basic credit card readers but is best known for ecommerce selling capabilities.

POS System Hardware

Both Clover and Square offer a range of all-in-one POS systems and smart terminals.

PayPal only offers credit card readers. 

With Clover and Square, merchants can ring up sales from stationary registers or portable card readers for payments on the go.

POS System Software

Software is the most important factor when deciding on a POS system for your small business.

Each of these POS systems have a number of built-in features for ringing up sales. 

In addition, Clover and Square offer insights into sales, revenue, profits and refunds. 

Only Clover enables add-ons at no additional cost. 

Our Choice: Clover POS System

When choosing the best point-of-sale solution for your business, think long-term. Do you want to be able to customize your system to run your business as smoothly as possible? Do you want your technology to scale with the growth of your company?
Our verdict is in… Clover wins.

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