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Text Banking Support

Can we text you?

Thanks to our Text Banking program, you can request and receive financial information and updates via any mobile device that can send and receive text messages. All you have to do is activate text banking from within digital banking.* Then you can simplyl send a text message to 226563 requesting information, and we will reply within seconds with the requested information.

What can you request?

Quite a lot of information, actually. Send any of these simple text commands to 226563 and receive up-to-date account information:

  • BAL list of account balances
  • HIST <acct nickname> account history
  • XFER <acct nickname1> <acct nickname2> <amount> transfer amount from account 1 to account 2
  • HELP Website and phone number get help on text banking
  • STOP disable text banking for this mobile device #
  • LIST receive a list of available commands

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*Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your mobile carrier for details