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Happenings in the Community

Financial Literacy Workshop in Marietta, GA

Bridgette Reynolds, Senior Customer Service Representative in Marietta, GA, was recently a part of a Financial Literacy Workshop in her community, and she got some help from a friend! Bridgette, on behalf of the Together for Good Council, presented a donation to Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta. This program serves nearly 500 girls, ages 5-18, through in-school, after-school, and summer programs. Bridgette spoke to a group of young girls recently and explained her role as a Senior Customer Service Representative at United Community Bank. She gave details on specific checking accounts for students and youth and spoke about multiple financial literacy topics such as saving, mortgages, investing, and more!

Habitat for Humanity volunteering in Greenville

Teammates in Greenville, SC worked hard to help a neighbor’s dream of home ownership come true. Our bankers partnered with Habitat for Humanity for the day. The team worked alongside the future homeowner to help paint and install closet doors, and shelving. They even got in on some power tool action! Michelle Seaver, President of Greenville-Spartanburg said it was great fun, and her team can’t wait to do this again soon.

Junior Achievement in Orlando, FL

"Bright eyes and tons of questions!” That’s what our United Community Bank team was met with when they visited with the local Junior Achievement group in Orlando, FL recently. The bankers had the opportunity to teach various grade levels at Pinar Elementary about money, savings, taxes, business, and more! The kids were enthusiastic and eager to learn, and even sent our team thank you cards asking them to please come back again! It would be our pleasure to do just that.

United Supports Boy's Ukraine Efforts​

7-year-old John Panter has a spirit of caring beyond his years. When the Cartersville, GA boy saw what was happening in Ukraine on the news, he wanted to do something to help. The first thing he did was empty his own piggy bank and pull out everything he had: $4.28. Then, with the help of family and friends, he began making crafts to sell. He set out with an initial goal to raise $250.

Then, John's story started to spread. With the help of our CBS 46 Surprise Squad team, United donated $1,500 to John's mission, and when cameras showed up to surprise John, his family and friends were there cheering him on.

His family says John is now nearing $20,000 in funds raised to help the children and families in Ukraine. The money will be sent to the aid organization 'This Child Here,' and the money will help make a difference for families who will be able to purchase food, formula, diapers, hygiene products, and more.

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month is one of our very favorite celebrations at United Community Bank. We believe strongly in supporting our communities’ financial health. This year, we coordinated with our branches across the Southeast to invite our youngest banking members in to celebrate our brand new Treasure Chest Savings Account. This is a special account just for kids! The branches had stepstools for the little ones to be able to reach across the counter and see exactly what happens to their money once they put it into their new savings account! They also were given piggy banks, coloring books, and more! The money they’re saving will, hopefully one day come back to them tenfold, but for us, it’s the smiles that are worth their weight in gold!