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Building a Stronger Business

Simmons Public Utility speaks to why personal connection is key to success.

Simmons Public Utility Site Work is an unlimited highway and public utility contractor working with the DOT, U.S. military and municipalities on the Carolina coastline and is owned and operated by Christopher “Chris” G. Simmons. 

After five years of small site job work, Chris started the company in 2006. To get off the ground he knew that he needed a banking partner who could start off small and could grow with them over the years. 


Ready and Willing

“Finances are a big, big thing in construction,” Chris explains. “United Community Bank understands that very well. That means they’ve been looking at my business and know what I need to help me,” he continues.

When Chris was looking for the right financial home, he found that many banks couldn’t accommodate the lending terms he needed as a new, small business. At United Community Bank, he found a team who saw his vision and wanted to help him succeed. 

“United Community Bank will treat you fair, equal all the way across the board,” Chris says. “This is a great team, I mean a great, amazing team. They’ve always done any follow-ups I needed.” 

United Community Bank knows banking, but we also know a little bit about your industry, too. Our team of expert bankers take the time to get to know you and your business to provide solutions to reach your business goals.


The United Difference

While many bigger banks might only provide you with a 1-800 number for any questions or concerns, at United you’ll be speaking directly with your dedicated banker.  

“They’ll treat you like a family, I know them personally, you know what I mean? I can actually call and talk to them one-on-one,” Chris says.

No matter how big or small, we’ve can help you find just the right solution for the job. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow, we have a variety of lending products, lines of credit, a full suite of online banking tools, and treasury products that can streamline your cashflow. 

Chris plans to continue to expand the Simmons Public Utility Site Work business across the Carolina coast and we’re eager to support his goals. 

“I’d like to thank United Community Bank just for helping a little business like me. We’re basically like scratch cornbread – you put all of the ingredients together, and try to cook it,” Chris explains. “United Community Bank was the eggs in our cornbread, that’s what held it together.”

We want to help make good things happen for your business, too! Fill out the form below to hear from a member of our local team. 

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