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3 rich habits you can start today.

  • Posted on January 06, 2021
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Think about your daily routine. You wake up, fire up the Keurig, take the dog out, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and then tune in to your favorite podcast on the way to work. Chances are, whatever your routine is, you perform some iteration of it each and every day. That’s because over 40% of our behaviors are habitual—we pick up habits throughout our lives to meet our needs and help us get from point A to point B each day. 

But what about developing habits for our wants? Maybe a yearly trip to Disney or one day, building a house on the corner lot. A major life goal for many is to achieve wealth. And rather than hoping to win the lottery or founding the next big iPhone app, there are routine habits you can adopt to help you work toward wealth. Some of them might surprise you. 

1.    Develop Your Vision

Picture yourself five, 10, even 20 years from now. Write down three goals for each of those milestones, and for each goal, list small, actionable items to help you reach them—these become your habits. For example, you want a rolling $5,000 annual vacation fund for a 10-day trip each year. You can 1) deposit a pre-determined portion of each paycheck into a special savings account, 2) drop loose change from your cash transactions into a “vacation fund” piggy bank and 3) spend 20 minutes each day searching for travel deals. When you train your brain to think long-term, the habits you develop in that mindset are going to help you achieve your dreams.

2.    Never Stop Learning

Nearly 90% of wealthy individuals read 30 minutes each day, but not for entertainment. They read content that promotes career, educational or self-development, so they’re always learning. Utilizing your commute to and from work each day as an opportunity to listen to an educational podcast or audiobook is an excellent (and efficient) way to adopt this wealthy habit. Even better, start with financial content to ensure you have the knowledge and financial tools to start on the right foot. 

3.    Get the Blood Flowing

What does exercise have to do with wealth? A lot, actually. Beyond being a great physical habit, exercising reduces stress, improves mental function and your capacity to learn, and elevates testosterone which boosts confidence, giving you the oomph to tackle challenges and pursue big goals. A daily exercise regimen may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to mean running or lifting weights (unless that appeals to you). Find what works for your schedule and what excites you. Love to dance? Get down in a Zumba class. Need to relax? Start each day with yoga. Want to be like Mike? Play a game of pickup after work. A short, but consistent exercise schedule helps get the brain food you need to grow mentally and financially. 

Strategize, learn and exercise. Three simple ways to develop habits to set you on the path to wealth. Of course, it’s more involved than that, but adopting habits to meet long-term goals rather than to simply get you through the day is crucial to achieving your dreams. Start small, and once you’ve developed one moneywise habit, move onto the next. 

While, we may not be able to teach your Zumba class, we can help you create a financial plan to meet your goals. We’re here when you’re ready!

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