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Debt Consolidation

Start Saving Today
Considering the average American now has about $38,000 in personal debt,* debt consolidation and reduction have become hot topics. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or silver bullet to paying down debt, and if you're dragging around sizeable, high-interest balances, there is likely a long road ahead. Fortunately, however, we are here to help draw you up a roadmap to make that road a little more manageable. With the right debt reduction plan, you can get your debt in check so that it no longer controls your life. 

If you're ready to get serious about a debt-free future, allow us to help you take the first step. Download our Debt Consolidation Tool now! 

  Download the Tool
Note: This tool is meant to estimate emergency expenses for a minor incident. It is not intended to calculate incidents that may cause a long-term disability. Because of the nature of unexpected emergencies, the amount estimated here is very rough and may be overly simplified for major incidents.
Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

We have competitive rates and offer the ideal financial boost to purchase computers, appliances, furniture or to fund a small home-improvement project—and can tailor an installment loan that will fit your more minor borrowing needs.

  • Quick approval process and local decision-making
  • Choose from convenient payment options
  • Open a fixed-rate line of credit1 for extra cash when you need it
  • Use your line of credit for personal overdraft protection2
  • Access your line of credit through your existing checking account

Use the equity in your home to secure a fixed-rate loan that you can use to pay for any number of large purchases or projects. With United Community Bank's Home Equity Loans, you receive your money in one lump sum to manage as you see fit.

  • Fixed and variable interest rates with flexible terms
  • Set period of time to pay it back
  • No prepayment penalty
Minute Lender

Existing customers with a checking account can qualify to apply for a loan or line of credit1 up to $15,000. Get a response in minutes and access your funds in three business days or less. Ready to get started? 

Upon credit approval.

Not available for Lines of Credit originated through Minute Lender.

Limits apply. Minute Lender offers unsecured personal loans and lines of credit only. Please contact a branch office for additional personal loans and lines of credit, including those secured by a Certificate of Deposit or other collateral.

* According to