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Hit the books

Life is meant for living, not stressing over your financial situation. We're here to help you through every challenge and triumph that life throws your way. With United by your side, you've got a road map to all the twists and turns of your financial journey.

10 ways to give your home a facelift on a budget

Need some inspiration to perk up your surroundings and elevate your atmosphere while you’re stuck inside? Check out these ten different options to give your house a slight revamp while still being mindful of that quarantine budget!

Credential stuffing

How many times have you reused a username and password combination for an online login? You may be surprised to learn that this could put your account at risk through a fraudulent activity called credential stuffing.

Break the urge to impulse spend!

Have you ever struggled with impulse spending? The answer is yes, you're human! Instead of letting the urge to swipe your card (or enter your information online) for every product that catches your eye control your life, break the cycle of impulse spending with our helpful hints. 

Planning for financial emergencies before they happen.

In the hustle of our busy lives, we have adapted to being master planners—or at least the best planners we can be. But what about events that we don’t see coming? Whatever the financial emergency, it helps to be prepared well before it hits. 

Eating healthy on a budget.

Keeping your diet and your budget can be done, you just need a solid plan in place and maybe a few smart pointers to get you started.