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Shop Online Safely This Holiday Season

  • Posted on December 01, 2023
Key Takeaways:
  • Only shop on secure websites that begin with “HTTPS,” versus “HTTP.”
  • Set unique passwords for each site and consider checking out as a guest.
  • Use credit and debit card controls to track spending and set alerts.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on hackers to take any time off over the holidays. But there are a few simple steps we can take to avoid them.


Only Shop on Secure Websites

First, know exactly where you’re shopping when shopping online. Don’t shop on any site that begins with “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS.” The “s” stands for “security.” It means the site has measures to encrypt and protect the data site visitors provide.

If you’re not familiar with the company, do a quick search to find out more about them and read reviews. If the company is offering a product at a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is. 


Don’t Give Too Much Away

It may feel more convenient to use the same password for several different shopping sites, but it’s not as safe as having unique passwords for each site. If you do use the same passwords, when a hacker compromises one password, they compromise them all.

If you have the opportunity to check out as a guest, consider taking it. That way, if the site security is breached, your information won’t be among the customer information saved. 


Use Card Controls

Many banks offer credit and debit cards with card controls that:

  • Help you keep close tabs on your spending 
  • Allow you to take immediate action if you suspect fraud on your account

The United Mastercard® debit card, for example, comes with access to a mobile banking app that allows you to:

  • Set up alerts so you get a message every time your card is used
  • Set spending limits by dollar amount, store, and location
  • Turn your card off and on with the touch of a button

At United, we’re always here to help you keep your financial information safe from hackers. We will never email, text, or call you and ask you to provide your account information. Stop by your local branch or schedule an appointment online to learn more about cybersecurity and how you can keep your money safe.

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