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Digital Banking Resources

Need some help with one of our Digital Banking convenience features? We want you to get the most out of your account, which means we will help you harness the power of each United Community Bank digital product. View our library of  resources and  tutorials related to the various features, services and functions of Online and Mobile Banking.

Personal Digital Banking Resources

Digital Banking eGuide

At home, at the office, out and about on your phone, tablet or laptop, we're here to make your Digital Banking experience easy and convenient.

Text Banking

The Text Banking feature allows you to quickly and safely request and receive account information via text message to your mobile device.3 To get started, select Text Enrollment within the Settings menu of Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

Personal Online Banking 

Accounts Summary

Account Details

Account Grouping

Transfer Funds

Add & Verify Accounts

Activity Center

Cancelling Transactions

Account Preferences

Stop Payment

Quick Transfer

Account Nickname


Mobile Banking

Downloading the App

Touch ID Setup

Fingerprint Login

Enable/Disable Touch ID

Passcode Login

Enable Face ID

Mobile Banking Interface

Mobile Deposit

Text Banking


Change Login ID

Change Password

Secure Delivery

Alerts Overview

Account Alerts

History Alerts

Online Transaction Alerts

Security Alerts

Secure Messages Overview

Sending a Secure Message

My Money Manager

Linking Accounts

Categorizing Data

Net Worth





Bill Pay

Payment Center

Creating a Payee - Company

Creating a Payee - Person

Editing or Deleting a Payee

Setting up eBills

Scheduling Payments

Automatic Payments

Editing or Cancelling a Pending Payment

Viewing Transaction Details

Moving Payments

Deleting an Account

Business Digital Banking Resources

Business Online Banking Training

See all the features and functionality of our Business Online Banking service in this training video. 

Business Digital Banking eGuide

Whether you’re an enterprise, large corporation or small organization, our flexible Business Online Banking can efficiently serve you. 

Treasury Management Resources

Take a look at this series of reference guides to assist you in your business banking transaction activities and functions. 

Business Online Banking 

User Management

Recipients Overview

Recipients - ACH Only

Recipients - Domestic Wire Only

Recipients - International Wire Only

Recipients - ACH and Wires

Editing or Deleting a Recipient

Managing Templates

Creating a ACH Payment

Creating an ACH Recipient

Creating an ACH Batch

Creating an ACH Collection

Creating a Domestic Wire

Creating an International Wire

Mobile Authorizations

Corporate Online Banking

Company Policy Overview

Company Policy: Approval Limits

Company Policy: Establishing Rights to Access Accounts

Company Policy: Creating and Editing Account Labels

User Roles Overview

User Overview

Adding a New User

Editing or Deleting a User

Wire Activity

Reports Overview

Multi-Account Transfers

Please be aware that our video player does not work on Internet Explorer. To view these Digital Banking video tutorials, please use a different browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari from Apple.

Learning Center

Banks Never Ask That: Phishing Scams

Every day, regular people like you lose their hard-earned money to online phishing scams. Don’t fall for fake—learn how to spot shady texts, emails, and phone calls by knowing the things your bank would never ask.
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Protect Yourself and Recover from Data Breaches

If a company you have an account with experiences a data breach, take the following steps to make sure your personal information is protected.
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How to Protect Yourself from Wire Fraud

Wire fraudsters are masters of impersonation who appear in a range of guises, from your local power company to software tech support. But there are some easy ways to start seeing fraudsters for what they are and help keep them away from your money.
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